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A Comedy about 4 Action Figures on Young Boy's Shelf. ShelfLifeSeries

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Aug 15 '12

Egads! We only have 2 days left in our IndieGoGo campaign to raise $30K in 30 days, and though we have gone over (HOORAYS), we still need more (to make the show even awesomer!!)… Please donate now. We work hard for your money. So hard for it, honey! And here to show you how much, are Hero Lass and Bug Boy doing a sexy little dance just for you that we like to call: The Shelf Life Shuffle.*+

*Actually, we don’t like to call it that, but “Shelf” and “Shuffle” alliterated so well we found it hard to resist. Please, for the love of all that is holy, come up with a better name for this dance.

+This dance isn’t to be confused with the dance Tara promised to do for hitting 100K views on YouTube… that my dear friends is also going to happen if you were at all concerned (for yourselves and the world)

Aug 13 '12

We only have 4 days left in our campaign! Help us up our game even further and bring you amazing new adventures in Season 4! And then watch director Steven Calcote and actor Yuri Lowenthal (Bug Boy) fly their Shelf Life colors with pride.

They both love Bug Boy. Samurai Snake is Yuri’s mom’s favorite figure. Which one is your favorite?

Aug 7 '12

We admit, we are in no way above doing pretty much anything for your contributions to our IndieGoGo campaign… so here is a video, brought to you by popular demand (hey we read your comments on YouTube) that we like to call… “Yuri Humps Travis’ Knee For Money.”

Please make the insanity stop (or if you like it, make it continue) by donating now. There are amazing perks for the show, including mp3 of theme song, limited edition action figures, creating a character, and more… :) THANK YOU!

Jul 22 '12


We’ve already demonstrated time and again that we are without shame, so allow us, if you will, to beg. You know what, even if you won’t, we’re still gonna, so here are Bug Boy and Hero Lass with a special message.  So what are you waiting for? Click here and be our champion in the fight against… a world without Shelf Life!

Apr 25 '12

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Logos by the talented Niko Evangelista

Bug Boy (designed by Lino Stavole)

Hero Man/Hero Lass (designed by Eric Wight)

Samurai Snake