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A Comedy about 4 Action Figures on Young Boy's Shelf. ShelfLifeSeries

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Aug 18 '12


Thank you all for your extremely generous donations, for your help sharing, and for your general enjoyment, comments, and interest in our twisted little show. It is especially inspiring to see people step up and pay for something they like in a world where torrenting is easy and YouTube is free. Talk is cheap. Thanks for your respect.

As a special thank you from us to you, here is a group shot from behind-the-scenes on the Aaron Douglas episode with the cast and many members of the crew (including, clockwise from L)  Juan Carlos Bagnell - sound, Steven Calcote - director, Mark Legaspi - cinematographer, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl - script supervisor, and super rockin’ support team-cheerleader Jenn!)

And the same group goofing off as we do MOST of the time on set! :) We promise we’ll be really serious about goofing off from here on out!

Also, huge thanks to all who played the Shelf Life IndieGoGo GAME… we loved all the guesses and participation! Our winner is Natalie F. who guessed $34,600 which was just $21 over the final amount! Way to go! We will ship your Shelf-y Swag out ASAP!

Much appreciation, gratitude, thanks and serious Shelf Love to each and every viewer, tweeter, re-tweeter, facebooker, donator (yeah, we know it is donors, but donators sounds more “sci-fi”) (actually, “donerator” sounds even better), supporter, and sideline cheerleader. We really do appreciate each and every one of you and your contributions to our show!

Aug 14 '12

IndieGoGo GAME…

WE ARE SO very excited about reaching our IndieGoGo GOAL and thrilled that we have surpassed the $30K and continue to climb that we want to do something fun for you all…. So we have a FUN GAME just for YOU!! Everyone can play even if you haven’t donated…

Send in (via email or tweet to @shelflifeseries) your estimate of our final amount when the campaign closes THIS Friday night by Thursday at 5p PST and the CLOSEST* estimate for the final amount raised will get a care package of FUN Shelf Life swag…. I smell a t-shirt, and a pen and a button burning a hole in our grubby paws with your name on it!!

We even have a sample tweet for you to use for gameplay:

My guess for @shelflifeseries campaign final amount raised is $XXXXX how high do you think they will go? #ShelfLifeGame

*The closest estimate can be either above or below and will be pulled from all guesses made by Thursday August 16 at 5p PST, and then mailed out after the campaign closes

** If there are two tied estimates, one will get a t-shirt, pen, and button, and the other will get a mouse-pad, pen and button, so everyone can be happy!!

*** If there is more than a two-way tie, we will place all the possible names in a hat and draw a winner, so it is all fair and fun!

Aug 10 '12

Day 23 - A perfect perk for Friday!

Another fun treat … a never-before-seen script from the unproduced episode “Friday,” based on Rebecca Black’s fifteen minutes of fame.* Read & enjoy. And probably weep.

Check up on our indiegogo campaign here! Then spread it around!

*It is possible that when Yuri wrote this episode, he was going through a phase where he would sing this song all the time. I’m just saying… ALL THE TIME!**

**Shut up, Tara. You don’t know. I mean, it’s not like I was obsessed or anything.***

***I think you just proved that you were totally obsessed.****



BUG BOY is hanging out on the shelf by himself.

He is singing Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

                                                     BUG BOY


"… Seven AM wakin’ up in the morning, gotta be fresh gotta go downstairs. Gotta have my bowl gotta have cereal. Seeing everything the time is going ticking on and on everybody’s rushing—"

HERO MAN has just walked on.

                                                   HERO MAN

                                          What were you doing?


                                                     BUG BOY


                                                   HERO MAN

              You’re a dirty liar. You were singing that Rebecca Black song.

                                                     BUG BOY

                                                   No I wasn’t.

                                                   HERO MAN

               Not only does that song suck, but it sucked, like, a year ago.

                                                     BUG BOY

                                                     Shut up.

                                                   HERO MAN

                                         I can’t wait to tell the—

HERO LASS enters, singing.

                                                   HERO LASS

      “…Gotta get down to the Bus Stop. Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends—”

                                                   HERO MAN

                                 You gotta be fucking kidding me.

                                                   HERO LASS


                                                   HERO MAN

                                                 Et tu, Sistray?

                                                   HERO LASS

                                               I love this song!

                                                     BUG BOY


                                                   HERO MAN

                              Well you’re the only two people who-

SAMURAI SNAKE enters. Yup, singing. In his fashion.

                                               SAMURAI SNAKE

"Kickin’ in the front seat, sittin’ in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up, which seat—"

                                                   HERO MAN

              NO! Absolutely not! I refuse! You all should be killed with fire!

Hero Man leaves in a huff. There’s a beat, then:

                                               SAMURAI SNAKE

                                               One, two, three…

                               HERO LASS/BUG BOY/SAMURAI SNAKE

"It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend. Friday, Friday gettin’ down on Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend…"

Hero Man, compelled by the music edges back on, singing.


              Partyin’ partyin’ YEAH! Partyin’ partyin’ YEAH! Fun, fun, fun, fun—

Sounds indicate The Kid is coming. They scramble.

                                                   HERO LASS

                                               Aaand… Action!

They freeze. Beat.

                                                   HERO MAN

                                               (low and soulful)

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday. We, we, we so excited.   We so excited…

                                                                                                                       FADE OUT.

Jul 26 '12


Let’s take a walk down memory lane today, shall we? Remember the rubber suits, the ball-punching and the Eisner Award-winning mad English genius running the show? Ah, Season 1, if you only knew the fire you started… So enjoy this behind-the-scenes video of Paul Jenkins directing and Michael Nie shooting! Like where we’ve gone? Want to see where we’ll go? Help us make more - INDIEGOGO in the house!

Jul 25 '12

Day 7 - Black Velvet in the House! Phil Morris ROCKS!

An awesome behind-the-scenes shot of Phil Morris who plays Black Velvet on Shelf Life. You may remember him as lawyer Jackie Childs from Seinfeld or Martian Manhunter from Smallville, but after you see him on Shelf Life, you’ll only be able to think of him as BLACK VELVET: The Afro Avenger!

Do you like his bling? It is SHINY! :) *thanks can of gold spray paint, you make everything look bling-y* (even our IGG campaign)

Jul 24 '12


Here a fun little video of Yuri testing the incomplete robot costume as we were building it  for the Season 3 shoot. Yuri was trying to build a terrifying robot, but Tara was pleasantly surprised at how happy-looking it ended up! Yuri still claims it’s just happy about destroying things…

We are almost up to a week into our IndieGoGo campaign!! Woo Hoo!

Have you ever made a robot? How does ours fare when stacked up against Gort or Robby, or Robocop?

Jul 23 '12

Day 5 - A fun treat, a script for your reading pleasure

We thought you might enjoy seeing where it all begins, with the script. We chose a fan favorite (and one of ours, too), PUSHING BUTTONS from Season 2. read the script and then go watch it again to see how things change when we get on set…

Let us know what you think!

Cue shameless plug… Today is Day 5 of our IndieGoGo Campaign to raise $30K in 30 Days! And we are already at over 30% of our goal… at $9159!!! HUGE thanks to each and every donation, and please if you haven’t donated yet, remember every dollar counts! :)


BUG BOY, HERO MAN, HERO LASS and SAMURAI SNAKE are sitting on the shelf. The giant marker is nearby and they’ve clearly been sniffing it.

                                                           BUG BOY

But seriously. Okay. Seriously. If you could be any other action figure,   who would you be?

                                                         HERO LASS


                                                           BUG BOY

Just, you know, if you could.

                                                         HERO MAN

I would be a dump truck.

Bug Boy & Samurai Snake start giggling.

                                                         HERO LASS

That’s not a… a action figure. That’s… a truck.

                                                           BUG BOY

A truction figure.

They all think that’s funny.

                                                     SAMURAI SNAKE

I would be Moon Mistress.

                                                           BUG BOY

Wait. What? Why?

Samurai Snake mimes touching his breasts.

                                                         HERO MAN

Oh, wait, Moon Mistress, right? Right? That’s what he said, right?

                                                         HERO LASS

You got one!

Bug Boy slaps him on the back and inexplicably, Hero Man blurts out heroically:

                                                         HERO MAN

From the Edge of the Forever Dimension, we ride!

Everybody stares at him.

                                                           BUG BOY

What the fuck?

                                                         HERO MAN

I don’t know what came over me.

                                                           BUG BOY

Wait a minute…

He slaps him on the back again, and this time:

                                                         HERO MAN

Fist of justice!

Samurai Snake looks under Hero Man’s cape, sees something and also slaps him on the back.

                                                         HERO MAN

Power Kick!

Hero Man looks unnerved.

                                                         HERO MAN

Stop doing that!

                                                         HERO LASS

How did I never notice that you had one of those?

                                                         HERO MAN

One of what?

Hero Lass presses the button on his back.

                                                         HERO MAN

We’ve won the day!

                                                           BUG BOY

How many before he loops?

                                                         HERO LASS

Lemme see.

She starts pushing the button in rapid succession.

                                                         HERO MAN

Evil is a bad habit! I smell deviants! Justice prevails! I’ll smack the Evil from your mouth! I taste blood! From the Edge of the Forever Dimension, we ride!

                                                         HERO LASS

There it is.

Hero Man starts to cry. Bug Boy offers his back to Samurai Snake.

                                                           BUG BOY

Hey, do I have one?

Samurai Snake taps him. Nothing. Hero Lass offers her back.

                                                         HERO LASS

What about me?

Bug Boy presses her back. Nothing.

Samurai Snake turns around and Bug Boy presses it. He farts loudly.

                                                     SAMURAI SNAKE

HA! Gotcha!

Everyone clears to the other side of the shelf as SS sssssnickers and does a victory dance.

Jul 21 '12

Day 3

Yuri calls this photo our “Sieg Heil” photo. I think that’s just plain offensive. But then again that is what those guys on the shelf do best. And besides, Yuri’s Jewish so he can say stuff like that.

But for those of you who’d like something a little less offensive, check out some of these other pix taken by photo maven and all-around cool chick, Roz Helfand!

Travis Stevens giving us all a Woody.

Juan “Some Audio Guy” Bagnell giving Bryan head— Oh, dammit! We’re still offensive!

Day 3 of the IndieGoGo Campaign 30 days to $30K

Photo reply to our crazy antics! Send pictures of you and your action figures, we won’t judge! How could we, at this point? 

Jul 19 '12

Indie Go Go Campaign - 30 Days to 30K: Day 1

We’re off and running on our race to 30K! Hopefully you were able to join us for Shelf “LIVE” - our interactive webcast party last night (we can’t believe we raised over $2000!!), but if not (and lucky for you), we announced that ANYONE who donates to our IndieGoGo campaign during the first 48 hours will get an exclusive early access link to the Aaron Douglas (go BSG!) episode - and since we just launched the campaign yesterday (Wed July 18th at 8pm PST) you still can DONATE TODAY and get this amazing BONUS perk not listed on our IndieGoGo site!! Otherwise you’ll have to wait to see this masterpiece for several months. (boo… so go donate now, get your link and laugh, as this time, Canada blames us!!)

Also exciting! We’re posting new content every day - be it video, pics, or some other fun content - each day of the campaign… so tune in here as they will all be posted on our tumblr feed. TODAY’S fun nugget is a behind-the-scenes shot of the making of the BLUE LEGO!

It took an apple box, a can of spray paint, six pvc pipe ends and about 5 hours of wandering around Home Depot to make these happen!

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride, and here’s to a new amazing season of SHELF LIFE!!

Jul 18 '12

HOORAY FOR THE START of our IndieGoGo Campaign. We’ve pledged that each and every day of our campaign (all 30 days) we will be posting new and exciting content online for your viewing/reading/listening/watching pleasure.

In honor of DAY 0, so let’s get started with an awesome video of the awesome Travis Willingham, our very own HeroMan, telling it like it is:

Travis IS Awesome.

And remember anyone who donates during the first 48 hours of our campaign will get the very exclusive early preview of the Aaron Douglas episode! So don’t wait, and donate NOW!